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Stone inscription on Guruji at his Samadhi stupa

Sri Raghavendra Guruji was born to Sri Rama Rao Nadig and Savitriamma in the village Chirdoni on 8-5-1929. Popularly called Raganna, he was bright and focused from the beginning.

Born with the special blessings of Saint Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralaya.

Sri Susheelendra Tirtha pontiff of Mantralaya named him years before his birth and left Raghavendra Swami's padukas as a special gift for the child yet to be born. Raganna led a very simple life till the first 34 years.

Apart from being a "shanbhog" or village accountant he was also a journalist with Prajavani news paper and a Freedom fighter. Industrious and dynamic from his childhood he never accepted blind rituals in the name of religion, with a scientific mind he questioned everything and never accepted anything that was against nature or unnatural.


At the age of 34 Raghavendra was terminally ill with paralysis and local doctors had given up all hopes. For 45 days he was crippled and bedridden.

On May 12th 1964, 2.45 a.m. the night before Ugadi the Lunar New Year answering his prayers, his guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralaya physically appeared before him and blessed him with complete recovery. Swamiji asked him to get up and get ready for doing Swamiji's work ahead. Shocked and excited Raganna realized that he was blessed with a new body and he was standing on his feet again.

Raghavendra Swami as seen by Guruji (artist's impression)

His hands were full with "Mantrakshita'' the sacred rice received from his Guru as is the tradition. The News of his recovery spread and people came from all over to witness the miracle.

Sacred Mantrakshata

Mixed with doubts for the future path, Guruji went to Mantralaya for further guidance. Here again very surprisingly he was identified by Swamiji Shri Sujaindra Thirtha to convey to him the direction of Saint Raghavendra. He received specific instructions to be in the life of a house holder and reach out to the suffering millions who were waiting for guidance.


As the new journey started, Guruji relentlessly spread the message of Love Compassion, Secularism, Sanathana Dharma and Sensible and Responsible Living. Guruji became completely selfless and indiscriminate while preaching Saint Raghavendra's message of UNITY IN DIVERSITY.


In 1969 Swami Rama, a self realised Himalayan Yogi from Haridwar specially came down to meet Raghavendra at Belgaum, after receiving divine instructions. At this very strategic meeting Swamy Rama transferred all his Yogic powers to Raghavendra with specific addition of "Guruji" to his name.

Swami Rama

Thus Raghavendra became Raghavendra Guruji:

Working tirelessly under the guidance of both Swami Rama and Shri Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralaya, Guruji travelled very exhaustively all over Karnataka listening patiently to the suffering of common people and calling upon his Guru's grace to give them relief.

In 1969, he performed special ceremony for Sathyanarayana Pooja, Mass Marriages, Mass Upanayanam and Pravachanas where over a crowd of more than hundred thousand people gathered and went back happy and content. Food was served indiscriminately to all visitors.


In 1975, to promote the cause of Oriental education he established Shri Raghavendra Gurukula Vidyapeeta along with college for physical education and Teachers training.
Oriental education was Guruji's passion; even to this day Raghavendra Gurukula Vidyapeeta provides education to the economically disadvantaged children of all communities irrespective of caste and creed. Here Sanskrit is taught as a compulsory subject .Both Sanskrit and computer education is imparted simultaneously from class 1 to 10. Special emphasis is on English language skills.


1977 with guidance from Shri Raghavendra of Mantralaya, Raghavendra Guruji conducted Maha Yagna for Loka Kalyana to improve and uplift the general fallen life conditions in society. For 10 days, 2000 priests were present and 25 lakh people participated in the various religious activities and accepted Prasadam.

Guruji in 1977 Guruji with Dr. Raj Kumar


Guruji's life is incomplete without mentioning his wife Smt. Lalithamma. A partnership of nearly 50 years she was Guruji's silent source of strength and commitment in all that he created preached and practiced. She gave Guruji back to back support through extreme hardship, in the first phase of their life and continued her silent efforts all throughout. In February 5th 1996, Lalithamma Devi passed away.

Soon thereafter suffering alone for another 18 odd months, Guruji left his physical body on October 17, 1997. Between 1980 and 1997 Guruji constructed this beautiful Ashram.


  • Religion is not defined by caste or creed; It is your moral responsibility;
  • Your religion is your highest path;
  • Treat other religions with equal dignity and respect them as your friends;
  • Practice the essence of your own religion and let others practice theirs;
  • Promote world peace through service to mankind in your own little way
    Become a GODLY man


  • On waking up devote two minutes of your time to think of your growth and betterment as a human being.
  • Remind yourself to respect yourself.
  • Your day’s work must be appreciated by others. If you face any controversy in the process, convince yourself to reconcile.
  • Try not to hurt anybody during the day.
  • Spend time on good thoughts and with good people.
  • Always help those who need your help.
    Let knowledge and instinct guide you should you face any doubt during the day.
  • Every time you go wrong in thought, speech and action, correct yourself before others comment on it. Be
  • your own judge lest others judge you.
  • Be calm, patient and smile always.